Friday, 27 May 2016

Ceramic secrets.V&A and Michelle Erickson.

Amazing techniques . Michelle Erickson is showing all the way to discover how product was made.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Maria Volokhova. Stimulating dialogue.

Maria Volokhova, invites us to her next exciting seria of porcelain works. It is exciting to follow her ideas on the border of art and design. 

I am giving full original Maria' explanation of the project as, when you read the story, you understand the designer statement, while you are then inspired for your inner dialogue and and answering your own questions.

The dialogue between objects and viewer is essential of her work.


"In this project, Sus, pig (in Latin) and Bonus, extra (but also good, honest, and useful) combine in a series of controversial objects: pigs may be both symbols of luck (‘Schwein gehabt’) but they also denote unsavoury behaviour.

The pig’s head as a teapot/tea set, but also as a light plays on this dichotomy: while lighting and tea drinking are everyday activities, the pig’s head is a ‘bonus’ or luxury object.

First time I came across this image of the pig’s head while travelling in the Ukranian countryside several years ago. It was lying next to a cut of salo, white bacon, a Ukranian delicacy. The image resurfaced in subsequent trips and I decided to portray it in porcelain.

After purchasing a pig’s head in Germany, I was struck by how different it appeared relative to the Ukranian variants. Later I discovered that the living conditions and the average lives of the pigs varied between countries: the Ukranian pigs lived longer and thus the heads she saw exhibited more traces of life than the German pigs.

Sus bonus, like pig’s heads, and like bacon, expresses the idea of a saturated but growing art and design market driven perhaps more by wants than by needs. On the one hand, we continue to buy thus generating and facilitating creativity. On the other hand, objects and forms grow stale and are put out to pasture until they too are but cuts and waste to be bought in a market.

Special thanks for support by Modus Design Studio"

Maria Volokhova, graduated several art schools in Germany, USA, Italy and Japan, exhibiting around the world, from Japan and Korea to Poland, Italy, Germany and UK . Living and working in Berlin, Germany.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Dominik Jasiński. Sitting on two horses.

Beautiful women, flowers and bright colors. Mostly portraits. He can do it. Easy. And he always adds a very positive emotions, warmth and simple beauty.

What I like more is the more difficult part, when he reaches symbols and is telling more. Here Jasinski's heroes are more predatory, more obscure, lust... but also more real.

If you like his beauties, search at his site, if you prefer more beasts or below )) 

Dominik Jasiński is Polish artist, living and working both in Warsaw, Poland and in Kuwait.
Working with oil and acrylic painting as well as graphic design. Lots of his works already in private collections.





Thursday, 19 May 2016

Shohei Otomo (Hakuchi). The other perspective.

He wants to illustrate today's Japan with an eye of outsider and with international perspective. That's for the global audience, as he still believes Japan really is an amazing country.

The same time  for local audience he hopes to give fresh perspective and to awake Japanese society to become less stressed, and get better life qualities. To get away from its craziness... as he says "Tokyo is nuts"...

Being son of famous illustrator Hatsuhiro Omoto, Shohei continues describing present reality with fresh look. Extraordinary combination of cultural symbols and everyday products in his art makes a completely new, international impression. Still without loosing its Japanese roots. Elements of street art, anime and  punk are blend under his ballpoint pen  into a masterpieces of modern graphic design.

Shohei lives and works in Tokyo.





Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Robert Proch. Between time and space.Freeze frame.

Coming from graffiti and street art, Robert comes with his comment on reality. His art is engaged, emotional. Vivid colors and painting techniques are used to show a living situation in extremely expressive, intensive way. 

You are invited into an modern, urban, architectural environment, where time stops for a while. You can enjoy this moment and follow the artist  in his journey to a chosen part of the unlimited space. Be sure, as soon as you look aside, this moment is over and you will need to look again and see it from different perspective. And you will find new explanation, probably different mood or different time.You have to budge imagination and perhaps continue your own story. Enjoy the freeze frame now, as the movie must go on its way.

Robert graduated Poznan Art Academy, living and working in Poznan, Poland.
Exhibited in  several galleries in Europe. Cooperating close with KIRK Gallery in Aalborg, Denmark. He is lately listed in the Guide of Contemporary Urban Art for 2015 by Horse-Serie/GraffitiArt (Le Guide de l'Art Contemporain Urbain 2015).





Sunday, 15 May 2016

Yuji Moriguchi. Soft perverse fairy tales.

Yuji Moriguchi paintings are not obscure, not maybe even perverse in full meaning.

I've  got fascinated with mix of traditional Japanese illustration, probably rootted in Katsushika Hokusai famous erotic honest all later Japanese artists take from him a bit :) ... and modern manga mix. 

With his fetish to octopuses, squids, frogs and other animals in context of featured fairy tales, Moriguchi takes us into a journey of his fantasies... with full respect to details and of course masterpiece illustrative skills. 

Yuji Moriguchi, is Tokyo based artist, exhibiting mostly in Japan. 



Collection of his town stories...