Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Robert Proch. Between time and space.Freeze frame.

Coming from graffiti and street art, Robert comes with his comment on reality. His art is engaged, emotional. Vivid colors and painting techniques are used to show a living situation in extremely expressive, intensive way. 

You are invited into an modern, urban, architectural environment, where time stops for a while. You can enjoy this moment and follow the artist  in his journey to a chosen part of the unlimited space. Be sure, as soon as you look aside, this moment is over and you will need to look again and see it from different perspective. And you will find new explanation, probably different mood or different time.You have to budge imagination and perhaps continue your own story. Enjoy the freeze frame now, as the movie must go on its way.

Robert graduated Poznan Art Academy, living and working in Poznan, Poland.
Exhibited in  several galleries in Europe. Cooperating close with KIRK Gallery in Aalborg, Denmark. He is lately listed in the Guide of Contemporary Urban Art for 2015 by Horse-Serie/GraffitiArt (Le Guide de l'Art Contemporain Urbain 2015).





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