Wednesday, 4 May 2016

JM Robert. From Lyon to the globe streets.

Call him pop-art, street-art, collage and graffiti artist - for sure he made his style and is now one of the most recognizable French young artist worldwide.  Spray, stencils and brushes paints mixed for a completely fresh result. 

Exhibiting in Asia and Europe, his works are spread around the globe in private collections and are subjects of desire of many. His art is bright, flash, joyful and close to all of us -urbanlovers.

I saw his works first in ART SUPERMARKET gallery in Hong Kong few years ago, where he had his first exhibition in Asia. I followed his works in France, where he exhibited in famous SBK Sarah Blancardi Kalbache gallery in Lyon.  In 2015 December visited probably number one pop-art expert in Paris, Urban Gallery, where my first JM Robert was purchased.

I was enchanted by below work, mostly due to its no-genderism. We discussed long with Audrey and Roch in Urban Gallery on who is actually portrait-ed here. Most of his pictures are devoted to women, while here...  young Elvis or Eminem or ?...

Few selected works below to give really just  a hint of what you may like as well... 


and graffiti or murals 


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