Thursday, 19 May 2016

Shohei Otomo (Hakuchi). The other perspective.

He wants to illustrate today's Japan with an eye of outsider and with international perspective. That's for the global audience, as he still believes Japan really is an amazing country.

The same time  for local audience he hopes to give fresh perspective and to awake Japanese society to become less stressed, and get better life qualities. To get away from its craziness... as he says "Tokyo is nuts"...

Being son of famous illustrator Hatsuhiro Omoto, Shohei continues describing present reality with fresh look. Extraordinary combination of cultural symbols and everyday products in his art makes a completely new, international impression. Still without loosing its Japanese roots. Elements of street art, anime and  punk are blend under his ballpoint pen  into a masterpieces of modern graphic design.

Shohei lives and works in Tokyo.





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